Contract Dashboard

3461637-A1 Web design and update $32,515.00National Archives of Australia 2017-07-24 Squiz Australia Pty Ltd
3471224 Architectural options for the Lobby Kiosk redevelopment $10,450.00National Capital Authority 2017-11-24 Philip Leeson Architects Pty Ltd
3469372 Building and Construction Services $101,200.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2017-11-17 GEYER PTY LTD
3469375 Purchase of IT Services $54,240.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2017-11-13 SABLE37
3469278 Australian Public Service Code of Conduct Investig ation $21,910.00Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2017-11-01 CPM REVIEWS PTY LTD
3422003-A3 Car Parks Lighting and other Car Park works in the Parliamentary Zone $703,630.57National Capital Authority 2017-04-27 Pyramid Corporation Pty Ltd
3471019 DL0001E04/2016 - Legal Services $14,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-23 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3471025 Legal Services Multi-Use List (LSMUL) $19,531.60Department of Defence 2017-11-27 CLAYTON UTZ
3471030 ID1090E01/2013 - Legal Services $32,920.40Department of Defence 2017-10-30 SPARKE HELMORE
3471040 JP9101.1 SYSTEM ENGINEERING SUPPORT $123,301.60Department of Defence 2017-11-17 ROB DOBSON & ASSOCIATES PTY LTD