Contract Dashboard

3469951 Provision of digital communications materials (Australia) $15,780.00Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade - Australian Aid Program 2017-10-06 LISA CORNISH
3460427-A1 HiTech Content Design Services $88,483.05Department of Health 2017-10-06 HITECH GROUP AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3366611-A2 Labour Hire $523,383.00Department of Health 2016-07-04 M & T RESOURCES PTY LTD
3452990-A1 Contractors $85,554.43Department of Social Services 2017-09-06 Randstad Pty Ltd
3469432 Software $616,430.41Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2017-11-20
3469560 Remediation of Armidale Class Patrol Boat $26,938.55Department of Defence 2017-11-17 AUSTAL SHIPS PTY LTD
3469563 Tech Services $37,165,871.97Department of Defence 2017-11-08 FMS ACCOUNT
3469565 Aerospace systems and components and equipment $266,192.12Department of Defence 2017-11-07 AIRBUS GROUP AUSTRALIA PACIFIC
3469566 STS Young Endeavour External Maintenace Period 01/17 $647,790.37Department of Defence 2017-11-07 NOAKES GROUP PTY LIMITED
3469568 Snare Logging Software for Joint Electronic Warfare Support Unit $20,394.00Department of Defence 2017-11-07 INTERSECT ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL PT