Contract Dashboard

3488908 Repair unmanned air target $10,230.00Department of Defence 2018-02-21 AIR AFFAIRS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3488909 Supply Fibre Optic Patch Panel $10,297.90Department of Defence 2018-03-01 AFL TELECOMMUNICATIONS AUSTRALIA
3488951 Development of Training Programs and Materials $88,000.00Department of Defence 2018-02-15 UNIVERSITY OF NSW ADFA UNSW@ADF
3488954 Upgrading Human Performance Centre $51,892.50Department of Defence 2018-02-15 JAWCON PTY LTD
3488988 Shipping Charges $210,007.09Department of Defence 2018-02-03 ISS SHIPPING INDIA PVT LTD
3488989 Quarantine Inspection Fees $29,873.36Department of Defence 2017-09-05 DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE AND
3489038 RF Synthesizer Module $18,419.50Department of Defence 2018-02-23 ASD TECHNOLOGY PTY LTD
3489043 Air Breathing Compressor Unit $93,922.99Department of Defence 2018-02-14 THE AIR DOCTOR
3489048 Laboratory laptops $12,711.60Department of Defence 2018-02-22 OPC IT PTY LTD
3489102 Components Machining for STEB Winding Mandrel $12,661.00Department of Defence 2018-02-20 EAS TOOLCRAFT PTY LTD