Contract Dashboard

3545723 Contractor services $284,776.80Department of Finance 2018-08-29 Greythorn Pty Ltd
3489691-A1 Government Network Services services CPO Melbourne $157,582.27Department of Finance 2018-02-13 RPSPM Pty Ltd RPS Project Management
3545840 Environmental Services $54,225.60Department of Finance 2018-09-21 Jacobs Group (Australia) Pty Ltd
3546490 Patent Search Services $75,000.00IP Australia 2018-09-26 KEMP, ROBERT
3546491 Software maintenance and support $358,838.70IP Australia 2018-10-10 Data#3 Limited
3546492 Components for information technology $38,966.22IP Australia 2018-07-30 NEXTDC LIMITED
3546493 Components for information technology $85,450.00IP Australia 2018-08-09 Department of Finance
3469382-A1 Professional Recruitment Services $118,797.66IP Australia 2017-11-27 ACE INFO SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3545426 software licences $16,823.40Office of National Assessments 2018-10-12 oobe Pty Ltd
3548175 Multimedia Services $8,149,999.99Department of Defence 2016-08-22 WILDBEAR ENTERTAINMENT PTY LTD