Contract Dashboard

3380750-A2 IT Specialist Services $1,166,880.00Department of Human Services 2017-01-01 PAXUS Australia Pty Ltd
3384171-A2 Software Licenses $40,400.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-10-25 NServiceBus Ltd.
3387547-A2 Executive Leadership Dimensions $542,340.00Australian Taxation Office 2016-11-08 KPMG
3387771-A6 Management advisory services $3,827,807.94Department of Defence 2016-11-04 KPMG
3391257-A3 Provision of professional services $7,003,737.14Australian Federal Police 2016-11-22 EMC Global Holdings Company
167604-A7 Design Consultancy Services - New Chancery, Nairobi, Kenya $3,937,802.16Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade 2008-11-19 JAMES CUBITT ARCHITECTS PTY. LTD.
1798451-A46 ICT Platform Hosting Services (PHS) $34,349,645.24Clean Energy Regulator 2013-09-13 Fujitsu
1210272-A10 Provision of Secure Internet Gateway Services $17,603,558.10Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2012-10-23 Macquarie Telecom Pty Limited
1306961-A2 Provision of Document Imaging Services $823,729.00Australian Electoral Commission 2013-04-04 Grace Records Management (Aust) Pty Ltd
2476641-A4 Software Licences and Support $1,334,231.87Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2013-12-01 Aurion Corporation Pty Ltd