Contract Dashboard

3507042 Design and manufacture of stands $20,666.80Department of Defence 2018-05-18 VARLEY GROUP
3507043 Vehicle Maintenance $99,339.71Department of Defence 2018-05-18 THALES AUSTRALIA
3383360-A3 Provision for Labour Hire Service $132,093.22Australian Taxation Office 2016-11-05 KELLY SERVICES AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3471290-A1 Provision of IT Contractor Services $211,559.92Australian Taxation Office 2017-12-04 TALENT INTERNATIONAL
3505996 Repair to winch, gypsie; ascender, tactical $23,554.31Department of Defence 2018-05-10 INOV8 ACCESS PTY LTD
3505997 Light Weapons and Ammunition $92,337.59Department of Defence 2018-05-10 GUARDIAN PROTECTIVE DEVICES INC!DBA
3505999 Aircraft Sustainment Support $364,952.50Department of Defence 2018-05-09 CAE AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3506000 Supply of Electric Vehicles $37,980.01Department of Defence 2018-05-15 VARLEY ELECTRIC VEHICLES PTY
3506001 Detroit Engine Parts $90,963.51Department of Defence 2018-05-10 CLARKE DIESEL REPAIRS
3506003 Storage Container $18,480.00Department of Defence 2018-05-11 CONTAINER TRADERS PTY LIMITED