Contract Dashboard

3534274 Microsoft Premier Support $140,823.41Department of Health 2018-07-01 MICROSOFT PTY LTD
3534275 Labour Hire $100,172.16Department of Health 2018-07-02 ON Q RECRUITMENT PTY LTD
3521558-A1 Labour Hire $89,199.00Department of Health 2018-07-02 Qliktech Australia Pty Ltd
3518773-A1 To develop guidance material for Primary Health Networks $237,119.50Department of Health 2017-12-12 the Trustee for Campbell Family Tru
3385476-A2 Monitoring and evaluation of the Health Star Rating system $946,142.00Department of Health 2016-08-24 National Heart Foundation of Austra
3483041-A1 Creative services Childhood Immunisation - Phase 2 $264,792.00Department of Health 2018-02-05 CARBON MEDIA PTY LTD
3533062 Support and maintenance services $23,500.00Department of Health 2018-12-09 Groupe Sharegate Inc
3530961 Software Licenses $24,200.00Department of Finance 2018-06-28 Alemba Pty Ltd
3444412-A1 Detailed design and development $652,004.43Department of Defence 2017-07-13 QINETIQ PTY LTD
2954772-A3 Australian Unique Travel Requirements $539,885.50Department of Defence 2015-03-20 AIR7000 P8 POSEIDON