Contract Dashboard

3488934 Barometer $16,987.19Bureau of Meteorology 2018-02-26 Thermo Fisher Scientific Australia Pty Ltd
3489154 Ozone Calibrator $22,379.50Bureau of Meteorology 2018-02-22 Lear Siegler Australasia Pty Ltd
3489163 Sponsorship $11,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2018-02-23 Australian Academy Of Science
3489236 Contract Labour Hire - Technical support $383,000.00Bureau of Meteorology 2017-12-18 Territory Broadcasting Pty Ltd
3488683 Partner in Cancer Australia's collaborative design for the national implementation of the model of shared follow-up and survivorship care for early breast cancer. $28,600.00Cancer Australia 2018-02-13 Breast Cancer Network Australia
3489241 Smart Energy exhibition booth $13,247.55Clean Energy Regulator 2018-03-01 AuSES
3489248 CEB LandD Module Annual Membership $37,300.00Clean Energy Regulator 2018-01-01 CEB GLobal Limited
3364392-A1 Office Equipment $35,678.00Clean Energy Regulator 2016-07-01 Ergonomicoffice
3472734-A1 Market Analyst $69,762.20Clean Energy Regulator 2017-12-04 Rubik3 Pty Ltd
3489635 Courier services for biological samples $40,000.00Department of Agriculture and Water Resources 2018-02-07 JET COURIERS (GEELONG) PTY LTD