Contract Dashboard

3511340-A1 ICT Contractor Services $248,830.70Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-01 The Trustee for Clicks Recruit (Australia) Unit Trust
3511336-A1 ICT Contractor Services $267,449.88Australian Electoral Commission 2018-07-01 Aurec Pty Ltd
3464274-A1 Scribe Services $70,000.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-11-01 Hays Specialist Recruitment (Australia) Pty Limited
3504085-A1 Supply of hardware $151,885.95Australian Federal Police 2018-04-17 Dimension Data Australia Pty Ltd
3508599-A4 5220Provision of advisory services $728,484.87Australian Federal Police 2018-03-26 Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
3534236-A1 Provision of software support services $3,000,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-06-28 Fujitsu Australia Ltd
3476422-A1 Provision of SAP developer services $750,253.44Australian Federal Police 2017-12-01 Epi-Use Australia Pty Limited
3472075-A1 Provison of systems administrator services $623,040.00Australian Federal Police 2017-11-14 Innovative Business Computing Pty Limited
3521103-A1 Provision of security assessment services $145,230.27Australian Federal Police 2018-05-29 Clarius Group Limited
3504069-A1 Supply and installation of security equipment $1,054,316.39Australian Federal Police 2018-05-03 BEMAC Security Pty. Limited