Contract Dashboard

3521041 Frost & Sullivan Growth Partnership Service Subscription $71,500.00Austrade 2018-07-01 Frost & Sullivan Australia Pty Ltd
3521042 Office furniture $12,522.00Austrade 2018-06-14 Inovance Co Ltd
3521043 Management of marketing and public relations campaign. $45,112.00Austrade 2018-08-01 Xinchen Integration & Marketing Co., Ltd
3521045 Property maintenance $33,000.00Austrade 2018-06-19 SSJ Taj Enterprises
3521046 Preparing guidance material for exporters $41,580.00Austrade 2018-06-20 Export Accelerator
3521047 Licence for Eikon Research & Advisory $14,520.00Austrade 2018-07-01 Thomson Reuters (Professional) Australia Ltd
3521048 Data Intelligence Framework Development $77,000.00Austrade 2018-06-01 FUSE Insights Pty Ltd 2018
3506441-A3 Desktop Computer Equipment $1,338,275.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-05-11 HP PPS Australia Pty Ltd
3508260-A2 Minor Works Sirius - Block and Stack $208,771.31Department of Health 2018-05-22 AMA PROJECTS PTY LTD
3509388-A1 Annual AWRs $38,637,360.36Department of Defence 2018-04-17 NORTHROP GRUMMAN INTEGRATED DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LIMITED