Contract Dashboard

3538737 Record Keeping profiling services $183,410.60Australian Digital Health Agency 2018-07-16 Recordkeeping Innovation Pty Ltd
3538738 Software enhancement Services $250,000.00Australian Digital Health Agency 2017-09-29 Medical Objects Pty Ltd
3533861 External member for Business Assurance Committee $45,650.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-09-03 Ridley4 Pty Ltd
3285669-A8 Provision of general postal services $1,994,799.95Australian Federal Police 2015-07-01 Australia Post
3538711 Provision of membership renewals $27,640.00Australian Federal Police 2018-09-01 Australian Computer Society Inc
3538712 Provison of legal services $44,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-09-07 Rena Burton
3538719 Supply of protective equipment $41,866.00Australian Federal Police 2018-09-04 Sports Master Athletics
3538723 Provision of freight services $66,560.00Australian Federal Police 2018-09-03 Trustee for The Plummer and Butler
3538725 Provision of servicing maintenance $10,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-08-30 Pacific Commercial Diving Supply Pt
3538726 Provision of servicing maintenance $22,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-08-30 Zodiac Milpro Australia Pty Ltd