Contract Dashboard

3470350 Commvault renewal licence $56,504.25Federal Court of Australia 2017-11-06 Virtual Machine Technology Pty Ltd
3470352 PC Replacement project $53,906.06Federal Court of Australia 2017-10-30 DELL AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3461178 Team Development $19,349.00Future Fund Management Agency 2017-10-11 Hidden Door Pty Ltd
3470550 Google Maps APIs Annual Support $15,950.00Geoscience Australia 2017-12-17 NGIS Australia Pty Ltd
3470551 Trolley Tug $12,144.00Geoscience Australia 2017-11-21 Retailquip Pty Ltd
3470552 DUG Software Annual Maintenance $29,226.90Geoscience Australia 2017-12-12 DownUnder GeoSolutions Pty Ltd
3470555 Handling equipment - pallet stacker $13,117.50Geoscience Australia 2017-11-23 THE GREIG MAVER FAMILY TRUST T/A MAVERICK EQUIPMENT
3470556 Software Maintenance $52,953.15Geoscience Australia 2017-09-01 Geo++
3470201 Legal Services - FOI Inquiry $10,000.00Digital Transformation Agency 2017-07-01 Ashurst
3399510-A1 GovCMS Subscription services 17/18 $132,002.31Digital Transformation Agency 2016-09-30 Dept of Finance