Contract Dashboard

3489350 Contractor Fees $163,706.02Future Fund Management Agency 2018-03-05 Allegis Group Australia Pty Ltd
3456264-A1 IT Consultancy $371,250.00Future Fund Management Agency 2017-09-14 Dangfam Pty Ltd
3451308-A1 Recruitment fees $98,127.99Future Fund Management Agency 2017-08-24 Conari Partners Pty Ltd
3443926-A1 Website design, build and migration services $34,137.40Independent Parliamentary Expenses Authority 2017-06-30 OPC IT Pty Limited
3489665 Delivery of Project Management Principles training for staff $21,175.00National Archives of Australia 2018-02-13 Mindavation Pty Ltd
3486917 6 months maintenance and support for Polycom systems. $18,211.52National Health and Medical Research Council 2018-03-01 ELB Pty Ltd
3489667 EL1 and EL2 PEP program $15,169.44National Health and Medical Research Council 2017-06-15 PEP Worldwide Pty Limited
3447983-A3 project management $88,250.00Office of National Assessments 2017-08-08 Mariner Enterprises
3488545 ICT components $38,844.50Office of National Assessments 2018-02-07 Correct Communications Pty Ltd
3488546 ICT components $46,776.58Office of National Assessments 2018-03-02 Correct Communications Pty LTd