Contract Dashboard

3471336 Temporary Staff $80,850.00Department of Employment 2018-01-01 Hays
3471338 Group Manager Executive Assistant 28 November 2017 $27,587.00Department of Employment 2017-11-29 Hays
3469870 Flight and pitch fee for campaign $10,386.39Department of Education and Training 2017-07-10 BMF ADVERTISING
3470241 Australia and New Zealand School of Government Executive Fellows Program 2017 $30,000.00Department of Employment 2017-11-22 AUST & NEW Z/LAND SCHOOL OF GOV
3470244 Women in IT EL1 Coaching 2017-18 $25,000.00Department of Employment 2017-10-16 ORIJEN PTY LTD
3470245 Exec Learning Gp Membership $10,890.00Department of Employment 2017-11-16 JEFF WHALAN LEARNING GROUP
3440684-A1 Provision of Insolvency Services $74,052.00Department of Employment 2017-07-07 Bentleys Corporate Recovery (BCR) SYDNEY & Brisbane
3469433 Provision of Management and Business Professionals and Administrative Services $10,098.00Department of Employment 2017-11-14 The Insolvency Experts
3470226 TPS Management Support Services $52,555.38Department of Education and Training 2017-10-01 VINCENTS ASSURANCE & RISK ADVISORY
3471339 Department of Employment Security 2017 IRAP Assess $62,700.00Department of Employment 2017-12-04 NJOY SECURITY