Contract Dashboard

3545091 Office Lease: Jaipur India $45,844.10Austrade 2018-10-01 Lulu International Shopping Mall PV
3545093 Office Lease: Kolkata $53,499.91Austrade 2018-10-01 Indian Hotels Company Limited
3545145 Advertising: AFUEE 2018 $23,293.50Austrade 2018-09-01 Taiwan More Media International
3545149 Office Lease: Hyperbad $37,587.25Austrade 2018-10-01 Indian Hotels Company Limited
3545154 Subscription: Dow Jones Reader $44,160.00Austrade 2018-09-01 Factivia
3545284 Printing: Annual Benchmark Report $37,499.00Austrade 2018-10-10 L &L Design Production
3545076 Research Project: Impact assessment of Taenia solium control in Phongsali province, Lao PDR and development of future opportunities for the control of zoonotic parasitic infections $165,000.00Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research 2018-10-03 Murdoch University
3544294 Legal Services - INV34777 $13,032.00Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-09-14 Dever's List
3542431 Legal services $12,000.00Attorney-General's Department 2018-09-13 Trent Glover
3542066 Legal Services - INV3051 PRPO-448 $57,196.00Australian Building and Construction Commission 2018-09-21 K & L Gates