Contract Dashboard

3539312 Diffraction grating $14,748.80Department of Defence 2018-08-03 RAYMAX LASER
3539313 SCEC for building security upgrade $22,440.00Department of Defence 2018-08-06 WEBB AUSTRALIA
3539315 Aerial photogrammetry and 3D model creation $12,430.00Department of Defence 2018-08-05 AUSTRALIAN UAV PTY LTD
3539317 Networking equipment $37,510.00Department of Defence 2018-08-01 ALLOY COMPUTER PRODUCTS LTD
3539318 network security advice and documentation $274,450.00Department of Defence 2018-08-06 WILLYAMA INDIGENOUS ICT SERVICES
3539319 Software Licence Renewal $55,154.00Department of Defence 2018-08-04 DEDICATED SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3539320 System Maintenance and User Support $260,480.00Department of Defence 2018-08-06 HASTWELL PTY LTD
3539321 Specialist System Maintenance Support $334,290.00Department of Defence 2018-08-05 THE PEARSON CORPORATION PTY LTD
3539322 cabling works $30,934.66Department of Defence 2018-08-06 MULTISYSTEM COMMUNICATIONS
3539324 ICT Hardware Distribution - Overseas Freight Services FY 18-19 $198,000.00Department of Defence 2018-08-01 D H L INTERNATIONALS AUST P /