Contract Dashboard

3510930 Helicopter parts $12,015.78Department of Defence 2018-06-04 COLUMBIA HELICOPTERS, INC.
3510932 Prep of training materials/editorial services $15,000.00Department of Defence 2018-06-01 ABELARD CONSULTING PTY LTD
3510933 Procurement of a AFCIRS Mobile Device Forensics system $12,334.15Department of Defence 2018-05-14 FULCRUM MANAGEMENT PTY LTD
3510935 Training exercise $125,837.59Department of Defence 2017-05-29 ROCKWELL COLLINS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3510936 Rent for Aircraft $18,177.46Department of Defence 2017-03-08 SPA LEASING NO 5 PTY LIMITED
3510937 Aircraft Rental $32,940.53Department of Defence 2017-03-08 SPA LEASING NO 2 PTY LIMITED
3511138 BAC Workshop and Storage Equipment Flightline Tool AWD2100 double sided 2'210 mm wide x 755mm deep x2 $11,952.60Department of Defence 2018-05-21 BAC SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3511156 Aeronautical Life Support Equipment $20,601.80Department of Defence 2018-04-11 AERO PARTS AUSTRALIA
3511157 Aircraft Spare Parts $18,104.15Department of Defence 2018-05-23 PILATUS AIRCRAFT LTD
3511158 Valve assembly Manifold $56,293.38Department of Defence 2018-05-22 BEAK ENGINEERING (AUST) PTY LTD