Contract Dashboard

3478196 coax cable $21,156.00Department of Defence 2017-06-30 ROJONE PTY LTD
3478197 Supply and deliver fill $11,856.06Department of Defence 2017-07-03 SQ *LAVRECOMBE GRADER
3478198 earthworks $11,914.01Department of Defence 2017-05-01 SQ *HOFFMANN TRENCHING
3478199 earthworks $12,601.24Department of Defence 2017-05-01 SQ *HOFFMANN TRENCHING
3478200 Funeral Costs $11,198.00Department of Defence 2017-10-05 TOBIN BROS P/L
3478877 Milestones Contract $197,780.00Department of Defence 2017-12-19 SOLINNOV PTY LTD
3478880 Security Planning $102,400.00Department of Defence 2017-12-21 KPMG AUSTRALIA
3478883 Aircraft in service support contract $7,438,267.67Department of Defence 2018-01-08 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3478884 Surveillance and detection equipment $1,249,616.62Department of Defence 2017-12-20 J3SEVEN PTY LTD
3478887 Project Management Services $67,412.40Department of Defence 2018-01-04 POINT PROJECT MANAGEMENT