Contract Dashboard

3471068 Delivery of Gateway and Catalyst Programs $4,990,000.00Department of Defence 2017-11-01 MELBOURNE BUSINESS SCHOOL
3469468 Acquisition Contract Negotiation Services $300,560.00Department of Defence 2017-11-06 SANDO AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3469470 Project Support $145,410.00Department of Defence 2017-11-06 SME GATEWAY PTY LTD
3469481 Project Support Services $242,410.96Department of Defence 2017-11-07 KINETIC DEFENCE SERVICES PTY LTD
3469482 Computer Equipment $13,369.28Department of Defence 2017-11-07 HP PPS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3469491 Supply of Special Operations Vehicles $26,896.69Department of Defence 2017-11-01 SUPACAT PTY LTD
3469494 Aircraft in service support contract $17,193.07Department of Defence 2017-10-20 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3469496 Aircraft in service support contact $14,645.95Department of Defence 2017-10-20 BAE SYSTEMS AUSTRALIA LTD
3469502 Ration Packs $12,729.60Department of Defence 2017-11-03 PREPACK LIMITED - AUD
3469506 Mission Planning System Support Services $2,673,000.18Department of Defence 2017-11-20 SIGMA BRAVO PTY LTD