Contract Dashboard

3506739 Engineering Document Authorising Services $347,215.00Department of Defence 2018-06-04 SYPAQ SYSTEMS PTY LTD
3506740 Multi Tactical Data Links and the Integrated Broadcast System Training Survey and Recommendatio $57,831.84Department of Defence 2018-05-17 BCT SOLUTIONS PTY LTD
3506741 Developement of update cycle, Sandpit environment and installation support $232,056.00Department of Defence 2018-05-21 OOBE PTY LTD
3506749 Defence Point of Care Information Exchange and Integration $948,915.00Department of Defence 2018-05-10 CLINICAL UNIVERSE PTY LTD
3472513-A2 Roof Maintenance $1,687,271.52Department of Defence 2017-11-21 SPOTLESS FACILITY SERVICES PTY LTD
3506753 Strategic Advisory Services $1,401,813.60Department of Defence 2018-04-18 PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS
3506754 EWP Facility Works $2,946,860.40Department of Defence 2018-05-08 BY GROUP
3506756 Supply of Meat $80,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 AUSTRAL MEAT
3506757 Supply of Fruit & Vegatables $25,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 SIMON GEORGE AND SONS PTY LTD
3506758 Supply of Meat $332,000.00Department of Defence 2018-07-01 DICK STONE PTY. LIMITED