Contract Dashboard

3480397 DFAT pre-deployment training for PNG deployees $29,915.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-09-01 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
3470547 South Australian Birth data $19,250.00Australian Electoral Commission 2017-12-01 Attorney Generals Department
3480974 2018 Aspose CR53757 $12,500.00Australian Electoral Commission 2018-01-24 Aspose Pty Ltd
3450613-A1 Lease office accommodation - Divisions of Berowa, Bradfield, Bennelong, North Sydney $2,036,250.94Australian Electoral Commission 2008-05-01 The Trust Company (RE Services) Limited
3384371-A1 Provision of legal services $55,500.00Australian Federal Police 2016-09-08 Arthur Raymond Moses
3354214-A2 Provision of advisory services $60,000.00Australian Federal Police 2016-01-01 Bristow Solutions Limited
2667692-A1 Provision of license renewals $65,488.50Australian Federal Police 2014-12-09 CBIT Pty Limited
3481803 Provision of staffing services $10,165.10Australian Federal Police 2018-01-19 Clarius Group Limited
3481804 Provision of venue hire $39,865.99Australian Federal Police 2018-01-23 IBT Wizard Pty Ltd
3481805 Supply of homewares $15,581.30Australian Federal Police 2017-12-13 SRG Leisure Retail Pty Ltd T/a BCF