Contract Dashboard

2858742-A6 ICT Infrastructure support $13,068,854.50Future Fund Management Agency 2015-02-01 ASG Group Ltd
3512048 AERA Architecture Assessment $27,834.40Geoscience Australia 2018-06-07 DXC Technology Australia Pty Limited
3512060 Passive seismic survey $1,200,000.00Geoscience Australia 2018-05-18 HUGHES HELICOPTERS PTY LTD
3512061 Diode Pumps $148,560.31Geoscience Australia 2017-12-12 EOS Space Systems Pty Limited
3315594-A1 Electricity supply to GA building - Symonston $3,411,409.69Geoscience Australia 2016-07-01 ACTEW/AGL Retail
3340749-A2 RADARSAT -2 Technical Data $199,941.70Geoscience Australia 2015-05-09 MDA Geospatial Services Inc
3400342-A1 Microsoft VSAIII Renewal for 2016-19 $746,839.84Geoscience Australia 2016-07-01 Data#3 Limited
3510739 Computer monitors $57,251.25Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 2013-07-22 Dell Australia Pty Ltd
3444270-A3 Legal Services $214,452.00Department of Industry, Innovation and Science 2017-07-17 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3291206-A4 Legal services $110,000.00Department of Social Services 2015-09-04 Maddocks