Contract Dashboard

3468468 Cloudera Enterprise Software $713,405.00Department of Defence 2017-10-31 HEWLETT-PACKARD AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3468494 Software Maintenance and Support $79,041.33Department of Defence 2017-11-01 DWS
3468496 Bluecoat Licences $13,433.44Department of Defence 2017-11-01 FUJITSU AUSTRALIA LIMITED
3468501 Hewlett Packard Server Maintenance Contract $19,422.61Department of Defence 2017-11-01 HEWLETT PACKARD AUST LTD
3468732 Purchase of military spares $10,890.00Department of Defence 2017-10-31 AEROSPACE COMPOSITES PTY LTD
3468737 Purchase of Shelter $22,330.00Department of Defence 2017-10-31 DEPARTUREPOWER AVIATION SERVICES
3468744 Military Equipment Repairs $28,202.63Department of Defence 2017-10-31 THALES AUSTRALIA
3468750 Military Equipment Repairs $17,521.51Department of Defence 2017-05-18 THALES AUSTRALIA
3468764 Truck Repair $12,091.98Department of Defence 2017-10-30 GRAEME MCLEOD MECHANICAL P/L
3468772 Repair of Aircraft Equipment $18,312.80Department of Defence 2017-09-27 BOEING AUSTRALIA COMPONENT