Contract Dashboard

3457912 Professional Legal Fees $67,701.91Department of Defence 2017-09-28 KING & WOOD MALLESONS
3458034 Professional Legal Services $201,803.98Department of Defence 2017-09-19 SPARKE HELMORE
3458173 DL0192/2017 - Legal Services $15,228.00Department of Defence 2017-09-29 AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT SOLICITOR
3458299 JP2068Ph2 VMware vSAN Licence Purchase $289,565.76Department of Defence 2017-09-20 VMWARE INTERNATIONAL LIMITED
3458334 MiSeq and MiniSeq Comprehensive Service $37,251.12Department of Defence 2017-09-20 ILLUMINA AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3458340 Newspaper Advertising for Public Information Sessions $17,805.87Department of Defence 2017-09-20 DENTSU MITCHELL
3458658 Aircraft Spares $20,023.08Department of Defence 2017-09-22 SOLVENTS AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3458673 procurement of military spares $15,561.76Department of Defence 2017-09-21 MILSPEC SERVICES PTY LIMITED
3458687 Military Equipment Repairs $44,431.00Department of Defence 2017-09-21 THALES AUSTRALIA
3458715 Repair of aircraft equipment $10,450.00Department of Defence 2017-09-21 RUAG AUSTRALIA PTY LTD