Contract Dashboard

3501466 Data centre facility $20,800.00Productivity Commission 2018-03-02 NEXTDC Limited
3501776 Purchase of desktop computers $35,726.06Professional Services Review 2018-05-01 Dell
3502235 Annual Stakeholder Survey 2018 $36,822.50Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency 2018-05-01 Australian Survey Research Group Pty Ltd
3354468-A1 Legal Services $21,665.50Department of the Environment and Energy 2016-06-10 Attorney General's Department
3500582 Legal Services contract originally published by the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science refer CN3342641 $720,636.36Department of the Environment and Energy 2015-01-01 Australian Government Solicitor
3501435 Legal Services $19,800.00Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet 2018-04-12 CLAYTON UTZ
3466020-A1 Market Research $427,817.50Department of the Treasury 2017-10-06 Cutthru Pty Ltd T/as Pollinate
3500435 Printing - Vetaffairs $38,425.37Department of Veterans' Affairs 2017-11-01 PMP LTD - PMP DIGITAL
3501392 SG Fleet Vehicle $37,319.18Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority 2018-05-01 SG Fleet Australia Pty Ltd - Leases
3489797-A1 Probity services with the Request for Expressions of interest and advise to the Tender Evaluation Panel for Sale of the Lobby. $39,000.00National Capital Authority 2018-03-02 ASHURST AUSTRALIA