Contract Dashboard

3548501 Provision of legal services $52,522.00Australian Federal Police 2018-10-22 Luke Livingston
3548502 Provision of legal services $10,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-10-25 Australian Government Solicitor
3404640-A1 Provision of psychometric assessment services $165,000.00Australian Federal Police 2017-02-01 Trustee for Rye Trust T/a Michael
3494295-A1 Provision of management advisory services $29,997.00Australian Federal Police 2017-11-10 Stewart Rainnie Investigations Pty
3357069-A1 Provision of software support $924,623.68Australian Federal Police 2016-06-28 Microsoft Pty Ltd
3515983-A1 Provision of legal services $34,000.00Australian Federal Police 2018-02-08 Andrew Peter Yuile
3549299 Specialist strategic communication content producer $25,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2018-10-26 Pryor Consultants Pty Limited
3549403 Telephony communication hardware $42,124.50Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2018-10-22 Telstra
3549404 Construction services $14,562.02Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2018-06-05 Federation Training
3549405 Computer hardware $25,191.09Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2018-10-15 EMC Global Holdings Company