Contract Dashboard

3470843 Project Technical Officer $200,950.75Department of Defence 2017-11-16 SME GATEWAY PTY LTD
3361640-A2 Provision of IT Contractor Services. $449,712.74Australian Taxation Office 2016-07-13 PEOPLEBANK AUSTRALIA PTY LTD
3469364 Contract Labour Hire - Enterprise Infrastructure Architect $233,393.60Bureau of Meteorology 2017-11-13 Enterprise Architects (VIC) Pty Ltd
3470989 Port Services $33,269.34Department of Defence 2017-10-05 TOLL REMOTE LOGISTICS PTY LTD
3470397 PPSR brochure insert $12,772.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-11-01 Bauer Media Pty Limited
3470398 Process Service of Official Receiver Notices $10,000.00Australian Financial Security Authority 2017-11-15 Risk and Security Management
3418226-A1 Provision of security vetting services $85,000.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-07-01 DEPT OF DEFENCE
3470181 Monitoring and assessment of the SPF 2016-18 $264,000.00Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-11-20 Government of South Australia Primary Industries and Resources
3470182 Provision of software renewal $15,713.86Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-07-01 Dell Australia Pty Limited
3470183 Provision of vessel caretaking $115,001.70Australian Fisheries Management Authority 2017-11-10 Bhagwan Marine Pty Ltd