Contract Dashboard

3361440-A3 ICT Contractor services $58,038.75Australian Electoral Commission 2016-07-01 Access Testing Pty Ltd
3361184-A1 Test Analyst $42,388.50Australian Electoral Commission 2016-07-01 Access Testing Pty Ltd
3383773 ICT Contractor $40,590.00Australian Electoral Commission 2016-10-31 Peoplebank Australia Ltd
3365141-A1 Provision of project management services $3,105,319.80Australian Federal Police 2016-07-01 Xact Project Consultants Pty Ltd
648341-A3 Provision of online referral management system $1,551,936.00Australian Federal Police 2011-12-01 SupportLink IT Pty Ltd
3369527-A2 Provision of legal services $31,857.50Australian Federal Police 2016-07-15 Russell Kennedy Lawyers
2432412-A11 Provision of primary logistic support to the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands $77,775,086.18Australian Federal Police 2014-07-01 HK Logistics Pty Ltd
3288984-A1 Provision of project manager services $33,880.00Australian Federal Police 2015-08-24 Omaha IT Services P/L
3385709 Supply of radio equipment $190,421.00Australian Federal Police 2016-10-26 Motorola Solutions Australia
3385710 Provision of interpreter services $159,500.00Australian Federal Police 2016-08-24 Ethnic Interpreters Pty Ltd